About Me

I'm NEZTOK. I've being studying patterns, scales and modes of the fretboard for a long time. After awhile I realized it's an EPIC adventure!


"Learn about CAGED, positional playing, the circle of fifths/fourths, and modes while using FANTASY, maps, characters, and roleplaying etc. And to gain skill/HP/XP to defeat a dragon."


  • 1. Worlds are suits ordered 4, Ace, 5, 2, 6, 3, 7.
  • 2. Caverns have 7 rooms.
  • 3. Rooms are on cards labeled 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5, 6, 7.
  • 4. Portals are only found in rooms.
  • 5. There are an infinite number of worlds.
  • 6. Be creative. Most situations are handled by making common decisions concerning what happens next. A lot of stuff is made up on the spot.
  • 7. Gain XP. Kill the Dragon.



  • Roll 3d6 for skill. Add XP.
  • Roll 3d6 for Tuadaan skill. Add XP.
  • Wandering Monsters XP is 2.
  • Dragons XP is 10.
  • The highest skill wins.
  • Your HP starts at 100
  • Dragon's HP starts at 200.
  • A win increases XP by 2.
  • A lose decrease XP by 2.
  • Gain 24 XP increases HP by 10.
  • Zero HP is death.


  • Roll 3d6. Battle a Wandering Monsters if greater than 13.


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The Caves

Sound only travels underground. Outside of the The Seldom Seen’s caverns nobody could hear birds singing, children laughing, or each other speak. They communicated using gestures they developed over time. During the evenings the members of the Seldom Seen built caverns. They lived there along with giant sloths and sabertooth tigers. They trained them to use their ears to help search for a new world with sound on the outside. Worlds were always 7 caverns. Each cavern had 7 rooms to search. Moreover, each room had a portal to transport to another world. There is always risk in the room. The Seldom Seen were very antisocial and trained Wandering Monsters and Tuadaan (vermin) to protect every room. Always search a room! Listen closely and you might hear The Seldom Seen singing. "Empty room. Is there nothing here? Can't help looking back. Is the past gone? I stand alone. I keep feeling burned. Nobody's home. They all were on fire! Ghosts pester me. They all have been warned. I don't take this lightly. I'm about to explode! It doesn't make sense. They snuffed out the flames. Everything was OK. Though they never mind. Will I have to choose. Who should live or die? While my guitar plays an another suicide."


Beginning in room 1 of ace of hearts Zebulon walked into a room full of dust and spiderwebs. It wasn’t the only thing in the room. A carousel that looked like it hadn’t worked for years was in the center of the room. When he got closer it started to spin.

He wasn’t scared, but he wasn’t about to stick around to search for any treasures. He silently moves to 5 of hearts.

Zebulon’s XP= 0
Tuadaan XP= 0
Wondering Monsters XP= 2

Zebulon searches the room. There were no Wondering Monsters. The room is filled with emptiness. He closes his eyes and when he opens them stands 3 Tuadaan. They begin yelling gibberish, Saying Lord knows what? Their vomiting up demons all the while screaming and shouting.

Zebulon rolls a 12+0
Tuadaan rolls a 7+0

Zebulon adds 2 points to his HP for a total of 102. He loses the other two battles and his HP is now 98.

He moves to room 2 in 5 of hearts. A Wondering Monster is bullshiting. He’s saying things like “Do you really want to enter? Cause I’ve been waiting here a long time. You might think of yourself as a predator, but I’m a fucking dragon. Zebulon didn’t even bother with him. He runs past him to room 3 in 5 of hearts.

Sometimes you have to look Tuadaan in the eye. Although, you can see that their soul is black you have to believe that the creatures once were living, breathing beings. The two standing next to the wall didn't care to look. Zebulon kills them and continues searching for the Dragon. His HP is now 102.

He moves to room 4 in 5 of hearts. Zebulon declares “I’m coming for you all. There’s nothing that will stop me. There’s no turning back. He portals to world 2, room 1 of ace of spades.

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