About Me

I'm NEZTOK. I've being studying patterns, scales and modes of the fretboard for a long time. After awhile I realized it's an EPIC adventure!


"Learn about CAGED, positional playing, the circle of fifths/fourths, and modes while using FANTASY, maps, characters, and roleplaying etc. And to gain skill/HP/XP to defeat a Dr. Solomon (A Plague Doctor)."


  • 1. Wallow Hollows are ordered 7, 3, 6, 2, 5, 1 and 4
  • 2. Rooms have 7 rooms.
  • 3. Rooms are labeled 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
  • 4. Portals are only found in Rooms.
  • 5. There are an infinite number of worlds.
  • 6. Be creative. Most situations are handled by making common decisions concerning what happens next. A lot of stuff is made up on the spot.
  • 7. Gain XP. Kill Dr. Solomon.



  • Roll 3d6 for skill. Add XP.
  • Roll 3d6 for opponent (Wumpus) skill. Add XP.
  • Mothman's XP is 2.
  • Dr Solomon's XP is 10.
  • The highest skill wins.
  • Your HP starts at 100
  • Dr Solomon's HP starts at 200.
  • A win increases XP by 2.
  • A lose decrease XP by 2.
  • Gain 24 XP increases HP by 10.
  • Zero HP is death.


  • Roll 3d6. Battle Mothman if greater than 13.


Buy all 84 cards here! Thank You! Seriously, thanks for everyone's help.

"Sound" by NEZTOK

Zeb is on a mission to kill Dr. Solomon. He has no idea what lay ahead of him.

Noise is only heard underground. Outside of the The Seldom Seen's Wallow Hollow nobody can hear birds singing, children laughing, or have peaceful conversations. The evenings they burrow into the ground with the help of boring spiders. The Seldom Seen live along with ground sloths and sabertooth tigers. They teach them to use their ears to help search for a new world with sound outside. There are an infinite number of worlds with 7 Wallow Hollows. Every Wallow Hollow has 7 Rooms, moreover each Room has a portal to transport to another world. The Seldom Seen are very antisocial and has armed every room with traps and Wumpus. Always search a room! Listen closely and you might hear The Seldom Seen singing. "Empty room. Is there nothing here? Can't help looking back. Is the past gone? I stand alone. I keep feeling burned. Nobody's home. They all were on fire! Ghosts pester me. They all have been warned. I don't take this lightly. I'm about to explode! It doesn't make sense. They snuffed out the flames. Everything was OK. Though they never mind. Will I have to choose. Who should live or die? While my guitar plays an another suicide."


The Seldom Seen used to have fun. Gamblong, drinking, smoking the finest cigars, and girls was just another day. Every few months they held a carnival. Those days are gone. They're too busy tunneling to play. The first Room of World 1 has an abandoned carousel that hasn't worked for years. Zebulon loves carousels and wanted to get a closer look. It starts to spin when he approached it. A ghostlike girl wth long flowing, blonde hair appears. Zeb was instantly atracted to her. She wanted to know what room he would like to visit. Zeb was infatuated/perplexed and couldn't choose. She sent him to Room 4.

Zebulon couldn't catch his breath. The somber halls of Room 4 "could make petals permanently fixed to a dandelion," he thought to himself. He walked for over an hour when a presence of nothing special came over him."I sure hope I'm just imagining things" He said quietly to himself. Around the corner there were three Wumpus standing in front of him. He chooses to fight. He wins at a very grueling game of rock, paper, scissors. He moves to Room 5.

Zebulon’s XP= 0
Wumpus XP= 0
Mothman XP= 2

Zeb drops his map on the wet ground. It wasn't all that helpful anyway, very few has made the trip back to document their journey. Zeb has heard stories that he keeps locked behind a locked door in his mind. He threw the key away. He portals to World 2.

World 2 is a sea with no water. There are fish "swinming" in air. It's very beautiful and Zeb is intrigued. He's in awe! The stingrays are bigger than he comprehend. There are coral reef, seaweed and hiding places for eels to hide. Glowing starfish are everywhere lighting up the Room like fireflies on a late spring evening. Zeb isn't particularly fond of the idea they are following him. He wishes upon a star and moves to Wallow Hollow 2.

In a 3 dimensional world it's easy to tell left from right, up from down. Everyone knows there are six sides to a box. Zebulon has become disoriented. It wasn't long before a hungry octopus attacks him. The starfish comes to his rescue. They help destroy the octopus. Zebulon portals to World 3.

A butterfly lands on Zeb's shoulder. It’s got blue eyes, and it's looking at his face. Zebulon hasn’t talked to anyone for awhile so he asks the butterfly “if he was doing OK.” The butterfly replies I was burned alive today. “Burned Alive!” screams Zeb. “Yes, my ashes were floating in the sky, and they turned to butterflies” said the butterfly. Zeb is really starting to wonder about his sanity. Is there not a normal world that is SOUND? It all makes sense to Zeb now. The Seldom Seen is looking for sanity. He brushes the butterfly off his shoulder and continues his search for Dr. Solomon."

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